Designed with purpose in 2019, for Renaissance Design, a boutique creative agency from Bucharest.

Our long-term partner, Simona Străuț, branding specialist at Renaissance Design, invited us to partner up on the launch of a new range of products under the Floriol brand.

Among our first packaging design projects ever, we are still proud to see the products on the shelves today and are very grateful to Simona for the opportunity!


  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging Design
SKU color for differentiation
Brand color
Ingredient Photography


Floriol is a premium sunflower oil brand in Romania with a focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle and care for diversity in eating, with a focus on balanced and nutritional meals. With the new cold-pressed range Floriol wanted to offer their consumers a dedicated oil for salads – a unique range of cold-pressed oils.

The Purpose

To design the packaging of the new range in a way that respects the established visual identity of the Floriol brand, but offers differentiation in the brand portfolio and on the shelves. The main purpose of the creative directions was to set up the brand extension for Floriol brand, a new range in oil specialties that will translate the same visual identity that is memorable and differentiates in the market.

The Design Solution

For the Floriol Cold-Pressed Oil packaging design the creative direction is based on the concept of balance. The main ingredient is placed in the middle of the label to suggest that each drop of oil is well balanced. On the front side of the label, we designed a subtle oil drop using the brand’s light blue color, to enhance the cold-pressed technique of extraction. The label is split halfway by the front design into a cold side and a warm side. The cold side, with the brand’s light blue color in the background, contains general information about the product and the brand. The warm side, with the ingredient color in the background, contains information specific to each product in the range. Thus, marrying the new range with the old brand.